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[08 May 2007|10:54am]
I cut my own hair; I cut my own order, cutthroat cut out cut in align and outline, obelisk, centric prose and con. Cut-eyed sun-strafed scissor stripped and seeing: cutting edge ripe and welling, cutting skin. Scissored self, pain I understand. Shattered on the tallest blackest, from the farthest, scattered to the wind. Pain I understand, rippled not worn, ornamental monumental delicacy -the scalpel shone. The scalpel over shoulders shining deep into circles drawn for it: I am drawn for it, deep drawn, deep down.
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[08 May 2007|09:05am]

Stronger and stranger to myself. They worry, but I see clearly. I exist on each axis; I am perched on my own shoulder observing, waiting to dive into myself again.
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[13 Nov 2006|06:55pm]
me & you not arriving

I described it simply: you two were so beautiful, curled into each other (my hands, curled, becoming one and the other, and coming together)

my hot heart beating, beating, beating
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[11 Nov 2006|03:36pm]
I wish we could have just one fucking honest moment. Just once when I say something unbelievable, believe me. Believe in me for I am ME, the ME that with YOU named US "together". HEART and GUT and LIMB are heaving harder and soon will break upon each other. and for what. fuck. for unsatedness. for cubism, for rotation, for maybes and i-don't-knows and have-nots. for want-nots, even. fuck. (can you close the window? yes.) FUCK.
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